Mid-August 2017 New Non-fiction

The Good Fight: The Feuds of the Founding Fathers (and How They Shaped the Nation)
by Quirk, Anne

Can’t get enough of Hamilton? Think the British were the only ones we squabbled with during the Revolutionary War? Think again! A unique look at how the founding fathers settled their differences in their quest to settle a nation.

The Great Nadar: The Man Behind the Camera
by Begley, Adam

A recent French biography begins, Who doesn’t know Nadar? In France, that’s a rhetorical question. Of all of the legendary figures who thrived in mid-19th-century Paris—a cohort that includes Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, Gustave Courbet, and Alexandre Dumas—Nadar was perhaps the most innovative, the most restless, the most modern.

Sons and Soldiers : The Untold Story of the Jews Who Escaped the Nazis and Returned with the U.S. Army to Fight Hitler
by Henderson, Bruce B.

As Jewish families were trying desperately to get out of Europe during the menacing rise of Hitler’s Nazi party, some chose to send their young sons away to uncertain futures in America, perhaps never to see them again. As these boys became young men, they were determined to join the fight in Europe. Drawing on original interviews and extensive archival research, Henderson vividly re-creates the stories of six of these men in an epic tale of heroism, courage, and patriotism that will not soon be forgotten.

The Monster Movies of Universal Studios
by Neibaur, James L.

In 1931 Universal Studios released Dracula starring Bela Lugosi. This box office success was followed by a string of films featuring macabre characters and chilling atmospherics, including Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Invisible Man. With each new film, Universal established its place in the Hollywood firmament as the leading producer of horror films, a status it enjoyed for more than twenty years.

A Visit to Haldeman and Other States of Mind
by Mee, Charles L., Jr.

In a literary tour de force, Charles L. Mee Jr. interweaves images and impressions from his life with political reflections inspired by a meeting with former Nixon aide H. R. Haldeman. The meeting—to discuss the possibility of collaborating with Haldeman on a book about his White House experience—becomes the vehicle for Mee’s probing of his own political perceptions.

You Can Do Anything: The Surprising Power of a “Useless” Liberal Arts Education
by Anders, George

In this book, you will learn why resume-writing is fading in importance and why “telling your story” is taking its place. You will learn how to create jobs that don’t exist yet, and to translate your campus achievements into a new style of expression that will make employers’ eyes light up. You will discover why people who start in eccentric first jobs, so often race ahead of peers whose post-college hunt focuses only on security and starting pay. You will be ready for anything.

Conscience of a Conservative
by Flake, Jeff

“When populism runs into realism, when disruption runs into democracy, when indecency runs into decency, we are left with no choice but to seek refuge in principle, resort to the truth, and return to the conservatism that has been the stabilizing ballast of our republic since its founding… As conservatives, we must turn away from that course and prove ourselves worthy inheritors of America. We must embrace a conservatism that recognizes once again that other Americans are not our enemies.”

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Extra special bonus: All six Rick and Morty graphic novels!

(And, yes, believe it or not, in the library business, graphic novels are considered non-fiction. Think about that for a minute — What if Rick and Morty really were real? Yikes!)